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Today we talk about the interesting things in our current lives while studying math and physics. Just like every other physics student, we've had to l...View Details

Today we talk about more mind-blowing experiments that have been conducted over the years and that have enriched science as a whole. Enjoy this episod...View Details

Today we talk about the philosophy of consciousness and the self. Enjoy the conversation and our attempts to connect this to physical reality and math...View Details

Today we talk about two of the greatest physicists of the 19th century, even having some work in the same field of statistical mechanics. Boltzmann an...View Details

Episode #79 - Wave Check

Today we have an interesting conversation about WAVES in general. What kind of waves exists? How do we describe them? Enjoy this great episode :)   In...View Details

Today we talk about our best tips for all the uni students out there that are curious about our studying techniques. Thanks to Daria for the episode s...View Details

Today we bring back a topic that we haven't spoken about in a long time, astronomy. We dive into the different phases of a star and the different poss...View Details

Today we take our dive into the history of physics a little further into the past with one of the first "true" known mathematicians, Pythagoras. Also,...View Details

Today we get an introduction to the application of cryptography in our everyday lives. Dr. Charles Rackoff teaches a graduate course at the University...View Details

Today we discuss the topic of rotational motion! It is a very important facet of classical mechanics when you study dynamics. There are countless para...View Details

Today we talk about one of our favorite topics that were covered in first-year calculus. Sequences are fascinating and their behavior is studied in or...View Details

Today we talk about the lives and the discoveries of two more physicists/mathematicians: Max Planck and Alan Turing. We discuss the mind-blowing ideas...View Details

Today we talk about the relatively recent mathematical topic that is statistics! As you might know, Ray is majoring in statistics and has a lot to say...View Details

Today we talk with our good friend Matt about functions! What are functions? Why do we need them? And some special guest functions... Enjoy the episod...View Details

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