Episode #37 - BLACK HOLES

Today we talk about one of the most fascinating objects our universe has to offer. How can this exist? How was it predicted? Black holes will truly bl...View Details

Episode #36 - Q.E.D.

Check out our recorded video on youtube at https://youtu.be/O16GfRS_Jk4  Today we talk about logic and proofs. This was especially important for us in...View Details

Today we talk to Tom Crawford from the University of Oxford, and the Youtube channel TomRocksMaths. Make sure to check out his amazing content! @tomro...View Details

Today we discuss the lives of two very influential personalities in the world of physics. This is the first installment in our new series "History of ...View Details

Today we talk about one of the most mind-blowing events in history: the birth of our universe. What happens when a universe is born? How does it evolv...View Details

Today we discuss the popular ideas that point to the Universe actually being a simulation. Do you think it's possible?   IG: @math.physics.podcast ema...View Details

Today we answer your questions, celebrating our 10 thousand downloads. Leave any more questions in the comments for next time.   IG: @math.physics.pod...View Details

Today we discuss physics in general, why it comes naturally through observations, why notation is important yet arbitrary, etc. Next episode is 10K Q&...View Details

It's finally here!!! We have put off this episode for a long time but we're glad to have done this part 2. Hope you enjoy!   IG: @math.physics.podcast...View Details

Today we have a lengthy discussion with our good friend, Matt, while we have the chance to record all in the same location. We talk about many differe...View Details

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