Check out MEL Science and their boxes for 60% off your first MEL Science box:  PROMO CODE: "MP60"    We are back today wi...View Details

Today we talk about the study of the particles that make up our world. How did particle physics begin? And how exactly did we get to where we are toda...View Details

Episode #104 - Our Sun

Today we talk about the gigantic ball of stuff that we're floating around. The Sun is easily the most prominent feature in our sky; landing itself as ...View Details

Today we talk about two important equations studied in partial differential equations (PDEs). The intuition that we've cultivated over the past semest...View Details

Today we talk about all the beautiful things we have learned about magnetism. From symmetries to analogies, there are always beautiful things to learn...View Details

Today we discuss how we detected planets orbiting extrasolar stars in the galaxy. Enjoy the episode :)   To all our listeners out there, we are so hap...View Details

Today we talk about the possibility and the implications of life existing elsewhere in the Universe. We also discuss the philosophical questions that ...View Details

Today we speak with Dr Sara Seager, a professor at MIT, about her work in exoplanet research. Deemed by NASA as the Indiana Jones of astronomy, it is ...View Details

Today we talk about one of our favorite topics overall in physics: the physics of the stars and the Universe. Enjoy this beautiful episode :)   To all...View Details

Today we discuss the great classical description of physical reality. Mostly talking about Newtonian mechanics and the difference between the high sch...View Details

Today we talk with Brett, a fellow UofT student in the program of physical geography. Enjoy the discussion of all things Earth and beyond.   To all ou...View Details

Today we discuss with Dr. Achanta, director of the National Physics Laboratory in India, about his work in physics. Will photonics eventually replace ...View Details

Today we speak with Clement Decrop, an author and inventor, about the Idea Space. This was an awesome conversation, enjoy! Where to find Clement:   Tw...View Details

Today we talk about all of the great resources that we use to learn math and physics online, that are completely free. Go ahead and learn all of the w...View Details

Today we do a recap of the podcast in 2021 and some of the biggest events in science for the year. We also talk a little bit about the pyramids, from ...View Details

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