Today we do a recap of the podcast in 2021 and some of the biggest events in science for the year. We also talk a little bit about the pyramids, from ...View Details

Today we talk with Dr. Zack Wolske about combinatorics, the oldest form of mathematics. We tackle the task of efficiently counting ~things~. Enjoy.   ...View Details

This is part 2 of our episode on the scientific revolution of the 15th / 16th century. We talk about Galileo and Kepler in this part. Enjoy   Instagra...View Details

Today we talk about four amazing contributors to the scientific revolution in the 15th and 16th centuries. Part 2 will come out on Wednesday. Enjoy th...View Details

Today we talk about some of the physics labs that we have done so far. These experiments are really interesting and we hope you also get to do some co...View Details

Today we simply talk about some of the things we've learned in two of our courses. Half of the episode is about quantum mechanics and the other half a...View Details

Today we talk about how to build your mathematical intuition. We propose many different scenarios where you can practice visualizing different mathema...View Details

Today we speak with one of our math professors here at the University of Toronto, Dr. Zack Wolske. We discuss interesting ideas in the field of number...View Details

but why

Today we talk about two more important figures in the history of science. Although they are unrelated with respect to their fields, Hawking and Gauss ...View Details

Today we talk about the interesting things in our current lives while studying math and physics. Just like every other physics student, we've had to l...View Details

Today we talk about more mind-blowing experiments that have been conducted over the years and that have enriched science as a whole. Enjoy this episod...View Details

Today we talk about the philosophy of consciousness and the self. Enjoy the conversation and our attempts to connect this to physical reality and math...View Details

Today we talk about two of the greatest physicists of the 19th century, even having some work in the same field of statistical mechanics. Boltzmann an...View Details

Episode #79 - Wave Check

Today we have an interesting conversation about WAVES in general. What kind of waves exists? How do we describe them? Enjoy this great episode :)   In...View Details

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